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Monthly Archives: June 2011

My short story Mammy’d Give Me Minds to Eat has appeared in the July issue of Jersey Devil Press. Look at the rude thing they say about me in the introduction! How rude! Go have a read, have a bit of a sit down and a think afterwards and let me know if you like it.



I will be appearing at Verbal Experiments with Sarah Maria Griff and Graham Tugwell on Tuesday the 12th of July in the Cat and Cage Drumcondra, as part of the Wurm im Apfel series of poetry nights. This is a Big Thing for me– look! My name is in the title! — we all know Sarah Maria Griff will be fantastic, that’s a given, but I am going to work extra hard to make sure this a night of Softly Awful Body Wrong that will squat long in the memory. So what can you expect? I promise to be funny and tragic and ludicrous and horrific– in the same sentence, if I can. There will be stories of love and betrayal and death and shame and cruelty and regret and chemicals and Wrong Prayer and bursting, transcendent joy and I promise, I promise, at least two stories about Sexy Hats.

The world will be a wider, deeper place when you leave and when you are ninety-nine and lying on your death bed, you will hold your youngest granddaughter’s hand and whisper “I was there. I got to see it. I was there!” And there will be such wonder on the young girl’s face that e’en death itself will bear no sting.

So please, do come along, admission is free and doors open at 8.

I will keep reminding people. This is going to be stellar.

See you there.



Because one of my favourite short stories (a very, very short story indeed) called The Laughing Leaf has been accepted for publication by Boo Journal which is indeed a journal of Terrific Things. I am delighted that what started out as a piece of Last of the Summer Wine fanfiction will now see the light of day!

The grandest of High Fives to you all!


Hello my fine, fine people.

Pre-ordering has now opened for volume 1 of Anobium Literary Magazine, featuring my short story The Coursing of the Quisp, as well as a literally horse-choking deluge of other fine poetry and prose!  So all of you, and all your friends, families and enemies can pre-order an issue for $9.99 with free shipping (and other random goodies) until July 31st. (And what’s that in euros? 7 cents? 15? A bargain, anyway.) Hurry though, on August 1st, the price will go up to $10 and a $2 shipping charge will be instated (and the goodie-train will have run dry). Please visit here to place your order: This book will be so good, I promise, it will be like kissing a saint. Can you imagine how good, how dangerous that would feel? Who’d want to miss out?

Grahamy T.

In an upcoming issue of the handsome Port Iris Magazine. They have sat us down beside the fire and whispered, in quivering voices Soundless Walk the Fallow Men.


(Strangely enough, this comes only a couple of days after lamenting the fact that I hadn’t had this story accepted anywhere. So in that vein I shall say God, when will I receive a multi-book deal from an international publishing house and sit back and count the hours until it happens.)


Now having reached my goal of 20 stories accepted for publication (Go have a look at them here) I thought I might pause and have a look at where my submission stats stand at the moment. After a submission binge in the last three weeks of April, I spent the first two weeks of June scouring Duotrope’s Digest for listings that I had missed in the first go around. I began with the 50 resubmits from last time– the journals that I had to withdraw from as stories were accepted elsewhere, then alternating between new and old stories worked my way – slowly – through the alphabetical listings.

So, as of 18 June, my submission stats are as follows:
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In the August issue of L’allure des Mots (it is posh and sexy. Ergo, I am posh and sexy). They will clasp you by the collar and bump their naughties against yours and whisper Unskin Me With Your Neck of Knives.

(And that’s twenty.)



First: Wrong Tree Review will gawp in wonder when they realise that Cruelty is a Blue Cassette.

Then: Speech Bubble Magazine will prance and preen and look at you with seriousness as they intone On Tuesdays We Wear Sexy Hats (and tell ourselves it’s fine to bleed).



My short story The Day We Sold Our Mouths For Mother has appeared in the June issue of Write From Wrong Magazine (an appropriate name, I think you’ll agree!) Look at the lovely things they say in the introduction! Please, go there, read it, and comment if the mood takes you! Hope you enjoy it!

All the best,


At theTales of Donegal lunch time theatre event this Sunday, June 19th at 1pm at the Powerscourt Gallery in Powerscourt Townhouse on South William st. Presented as a part of the LOVE: Donegal exhibition, there will be a mix of performances and short stories. I will be performing an extract from Brian Friel’s Philadelphia, Here I Come! perhaps my favourite play by my favourite playwright.

Come and see me caper about and gurn maniacally– it should be a lot of fun! Entrance fee is €7, with concessions for groups and students at €5.

Hope to see you there!