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Daily Archives: June 18th, 2011


Now having reached my goal of 20 stories accepted for publication (Go have a look at them here) I thought I might pause and have a look at where my submission stats stand at the moment. After a submission binge in the last three weeks of April, I spent the first two weeks of June scouring Duotrope’s Digest for listings that I had missed in the first go around. I began with the 50 resubmits from last time– the journals that I had to withdraw from as stories were accepted elsewhere, then alternating between new and old stories worked my way – slowly – through the alphabetical listings.

So, as of 18 June, my submission stats are as follows:
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In the August issue of L’allure des Mots (it is posh and sexy. Ergo, I am posh and sexy). They will clasp you by the collar and bump their naughties against yours and whisper Unskin Me With Your Neck of Knives.

(And that’s twenty.)