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Daily Archives: June 23rd, 2011


Because one of my favourite short stories (a very, very short story indeed) called The Laughing Leaf has been accepted for publication by Boo Journal which is indeed a journal of Terrific Things. I am delighted that what started out as a piece of Last of the Summer Wine fanfiction will now see the light of day!

The grandest of High Fives to you all!


Hello my fine, fine people.

Pre-ordering has now opened for volume 1 of Anobium Literary Magazine, featuring my short story The Coursing of the Quisp, as well as a literally horse-choking deluge of other fine poetry and prose!  So all of you, and all your friends, families and enemies can pre-order an issue for $9.99 with free shipping (and other random goodies) until July 31st. (And what’s that in euros? 7 cents? 15? A bargain, anyway.) Hurry though, on August 1st, the price will go up to $10 and a $2 shipping charge will be instated (and the goodie-train will have run dry). Please visit here to place your order: This book will be so good, I promise, it will be like kissing a saint. Can you imagine how good, how dangerous that would feel? Who’d want to miss out?

Grahamy T.