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Monthly Archives: August 2011

At the Storytelling Fundraiser for Love Songs for Losers this Monday the 29th August at The Loft bookshop, upstairs at the Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey Street, Dublin. Amongst a heckuva bunch of talented folks, I will be wheeling out a greasy bulb of shockprose of my own to delight and bewitch. Doors open at 8.00 and entry is free– save your money for the donations bucket that will be doin’ the rahnds.

Hope to see you there!


My short story The Thing in the Clearing Tastes Like Toast (and makes us feel like proper boys) has just been published by The Legendary. It’s my attempt at writing a Famous Five or Secret Seven type of story and is based on TRUE EVENTS! Go have a rustle. You’ll be glad.


This is a big one! Perhaps my favourite short story of the last few months has now been published on Orion Headless. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have never read any of my work before I suggest you start here! May I present to you They’ve Come to Paint the Doors Again.

I am very, very proud of this story.

All the best,


Ow! Get down with all y’all baaaaaad munty funters! My short story Beyond the Curtain Lies the Zoo of Wrong has been published, as if by effort, by Rotten Leaves Magazine. Go have a read! It’s supoib!


In an upcoming issue of the The Legendary. They have accepted my short story The Thing in the Clearing Tastes Like Toast (and makes us feel like proper boys). It’s like my version of a Just William story.

Or something.



(Acceptances 34/50)

Gosh, everything seems to come at once, doesn’t it? Well, my short story (un)Even Roads Have Feelings has appeared in the August 2011 issue of Defenestration Magazine. Go and have a read. It’s worth a bit of a chuckle!



At the Burlesque Bingo Fundraiser this Thursday the 25th August at the Turks Head in Temple Bar. I will be parading around in corset and feathers with a half-ton of glitter on my boylashes reading one of my most chucklesome stories to the delight of everyone. (For a clue to what story it will be, see the description on the Facebook page)

Admission is free! Hope to see you there!


Hello! Yes, it’s time to track my number of submissions and brood over my relative success/failure. A bit of a quiet month for writing new stories– in thirty days I managed to write six, that is one every five days, which is well below my desired rate of one every three days. Anyway, it’s been nice and busy on the acceptances front after a slow July. I am not currently sending anything out, but stockpiling stories–I want to have ten fresh new pieces and spend a weekend blitz the couple of hundred journals that have re-opened now that we are in the Autumn/Winter submission period.

So, as of 20th of August, my submission stats are as follows:

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In an upcoming issue of Foundling Review. They will be publishing my short story When Love’s Left Out For Us To Find…. I am absolutely delighted about this one; I took a bit of a risk in the writing of it, straying away from my typical fare to write a romance! A romance of all things– I can’t even spell lvoe! So check it out when it goes live, it’s a little bit special.

(Or come to Sweet Smoke & Cruelty. *setlist hint*)

As you were, peeps.


(Acceptances 33/50)

In an upcoming issue of Orion Headless, the online literary magazine. They’ve accepted the very scary story They’ve Come to Paint the Doors Again, which was inspired by watching a man paint a door while the bus I was on was stuck in traffic in Clonee. Wooooooo! Chilling!

Nice one,


(Acceptances: 32/50)