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Monthly Archives: August 2011

This will be brilliant. I promise.


Soundless Walk the Fallow Men

A lovely photo snapped by Cathal McGuire at last night’s Milk & Cookies mons-travaganza. Here I am, caught mid-cringe, between the lovely Dave Rudden and the lovelier Sarah Griff. Mucho props, guys, for a fabulous performance. Great atmosphere, great crowd, and by God did we trample all over their mind-carpets with our dirty prose boots. We got all the ‘oohs’ and the ‘ahhhs’ and the ‘oh nos’ that are the true reward for any humble horror-scrivener. ‘Til next time, when the Risky Proximity Players ride again! Yee-hah!


Hurrah! Perhaps the saddest and maddest story I have ever written has now been published by that crazed purveyor of fervent prose quackery Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure. Yes sir, The Misery of Wisdom Christmas is now available for your delectation, so please, head on over and have yourselves a bit of an aul read.

Uk uk,


In issue seven of Hobo Pancakes, Heritage. They have flung my short story High Five, Danny o’C onto the screen so go there and have a bit of a laugh at the Emancipatory High-Jinks of everyone’s favourite (fat) national hero.


In the August 2011 issue of Defenestration. Yee-hah! They have accepted my ludicrous short story (un)Even Roads Have Feelings, which has made me a very happy lozenge-shaped gent indeed. This better get added to the Bishop’s Stortford entry on Wikipedia…

Yo yo yo,

Grahamy T

(Acceptances 31/50)

Milk & Cookies this Tuesday, August 9th, at the Exchange, Temple Bar. The theme for this month’s stories is Monsters and who knows, I may just get up and reel off a particularly monstrous story… (Why am I being coy? Yes, I’ll definitely be getting up to do a horrible  story.)  So do come along if you want to hear some fine storytelling in a relaxed and friendly environment, come along. There’ll be tea and cookies!

The event runs from 18:30 – 21:30 and is absolutely free! Yipes!

All the best,


So, with the stink of hubris piquant in the air around me, I now declare this to be my busiest and most succesful week since the creation of the earth! For my fourth acceptance this week, the beloved and sexy journal Anobium, publishers of my short story The Coursing of the Quisp, have accepted another of my works for their second volume- Flat Red Sausages at the Back a’ Beyant. It won’t be appearing for a while but when it does it’s gonna hit harder than glitter on a she-john’s boy-lashes, yo.

All the funk,


Crumbs, this has been a busy week, hasn’t it? For my third acceptance this week, online journal Spilling Ink Review has taken a firm hold of my short story The Slender Help. It should be appearing in issue 6, which is due for publication on September 1st. It’s a bit of a laugh, and I hope you like it when it comes out!

Oa, Oa,


(acceptances 29/50)

Cripes! But yes, it’s true! A short story of mine shall be appearing in the September issue of Anomalous Press, a journal that dabbles in both print and audio! So The Thread will be available in both formats– you can get my stinky boring words on a page (yawn!) but you will also be able to hear my pulchritudinous voice seeping through your speakers like filth under a cublicle door. Very exciting!



High Five, Danny O'C
Don’t Call It A Comeback

In an upcoming issue of Hobo PancakesThey will be publishing my short story High Five, Danny o’C! (featuring the rather leery and bleary star of the auld £20 note, the Fat Emancipator himself.) It’s a bit of a laugh. High Five, Everyone!

(Acceptances 27/50)