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Daily Archives: September 25th, 2011

Yes indeedy, mah friends. My short story The Thread has appeared in Issue 3 of Anomalous Press. And what’s this? An audio recording of the story is included? You actually get to *hear* me mangle the word ‘cars’ with my ridiculous accent? It’s like all your birthdays have come at once, and they’re all disappointing.


Crumbs, crumbs, crumbs. The 21st of the month has come and gone and my Submission Stats for the month of September are late! Cheee! But here there are now, better late than never! Another quiet month for actually writing stories, and a bit of a creative slump too. May need to take a week or two off. But once again, all sorts have been happening on the acceptances front and at least where they are concerned it’s been a busy month.

Let’s have a look how things stand on the 25th September, shall we?
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