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Monthly Archives: September 2011

In the Hallowe’en issue of Darker magazine. They have accepted my short story Ten In The Box And You Can Touch Me, which was inspired by something my old mate Dave Rudden whispered in my ear one foggy night out on the moors.

(It was cold.)

(It got colder.)


Delighted about this one. My short story I Think You Should Run Now will be appearing in the first issue of the lovely Poddle. It promises to be a thing of love and craft. I *think* this is my first acceptance by an Irish publisher. I was going to write a story about sitting by a turf fire while my husband drowns off the Blaskets but now I won’t have to!



Yowza! Oh Lord, we hit the town hard with this story! On Tuesdays We Wear Sexy Hats (and tell ourselves it’s fine to bleed) has been published in Issue 3 of Speech Bubble. Some would say this is my finest story. I can’t possibly comment.

Go read and decide for yourself!


Yes, mah friends, my short story The Racing has now been published in the Autumn 2011 issue of Pyrta, a journal of poetry and other things, based in India. This story is about a magical day in a young boy’s life when he is shown wonderful things. Against his will.

So go have a look and a giggle and a squirm and I’ll be waiting for you here with a towel.



In Issue 6 of Spilling Ink Review. Hurrah, they have published my short story The Slender Help which is a one of those horribly claustrophobic twisted-family-love stories I do enjoy writing. And what an intriguing picture up there! Check it out!

Oa! Oa!


In Issue 4 of Red Lightbulbs. The ludicrous, ludicrous story Please, Don’t Make Me Write About the Junction Box has now jumped up like some awful thing and is available for your perusement!

Go there! Get prose!