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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Hurrah, hurrah! Kids! Gather round! My short story Sweetly Tight Comiseratrix, Sadness Cultivating has appeared in the latest issue of The Write Room. Get yourself over there for a fistful of grief!


Say what? Can I get a whup whup right here? Yes mah friends, my short story June is Corn and Coaldust has been accepted for publication by A Bad Penny Review. It’s a charming and silly story about eating glass. (Amongst other things) Should be out in mid-December.


Yowza! For my sixth acceptance this week (Crumbs!) the lovely people at Bare Root Review have taken aboard my short story She Kicks Amongst the Cabbages, a tale of clarinets and cabbages and lost virginity. It’ll appear in Issue #13.  It’s a bloomin’ stonker.



Well, chums, this has been a busy week, hasn’t it? My short story Sweetly Tight Comiseratrix, Sadness Cultivating has been accepted for publication by The Write Room. I was going to write a synopsis and pretend it’s a light rompy lark but it really isn’t. It just… isn’t.



Yes sir! My short story Eleven Cats and Me Make Pearls has been accepted for publication by the fine, fine folk at Untoward Magazine. It’s self explanatory– eleven cats and their human owner get into all kinds of wacky pearl-based misadventures! Whatever will I think of next? Twenty-seven Badgers and Me Break Through A Picket Line?


47/50 (almost there!)

In an upcoming issue of The Sheepshead Review. They have taken on Leverets Through The Hole In The Hedge which is a story about Fun Times and Hallowe’en and Buttery-Bready Sticks and Matching Shoes. It’s great fun all together!



Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to announce that my short story Clot has been accepted for publication by the fine folks at The Toucan. It will be appearing both in print and online in their 15th issue early next year. This was one of my favourite stories of the past six months and I am thrilled it’s gotten a good home!


In an upcoming issue of Barely South Review. They have selected my short story Dance Around the Reservoir and Down, which is about a Granddad and his Grandson and the special japes they get up to together. Have a look for it when it comes out! It’s sup-oib!


Friends, join me now in quivering Ultra-Hurray, for my short story Black Staccato Hates (the Horse’s Man) has been published in issue 5 of Write This. It is, as the accompanying illustration states, the story of a boy’s love for a horse. What could be purer?

As you were,

Once again I’m running late with this, but at least this month I have the beautiful twin excuses of Hallowe’en gigs and debilitating illness to excuse myself! After a busy September, October was very quiet, both on the creative front and the acceptances front. Not quiet enough to derail my fifty for Christmas goal but certainly making it much harder to achieve.

So, without further ado, let’s see how things stand on the 3rd of November.

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