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Daily Archives: December 30th, 2011

With the wet, blunt end of 2011 racing towards us as I type, it seems only fitting to look back on the past year and get a bit of persepctive on where I stand on the submissions front. In case you are wondering, since I thought November and December would be relatively quiet months I decided to forego November’s update (due on about December 3rd) and look at both months together at the end of the year. Also, laziness.

I had two goals to reach by Christmas 2011; to reach 100 stories written and 50 stories accepted for publication. I am happy to say I reached both targets, finishing my 101st story by Christmas morning and having my 54th story accepted for publication two weeks before Christmas. I am delighted, but that’s really just the first and easiest step, there is still plenty of work to do!

Scary, intimidating work.

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