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Monthly Archives: September 2012

At a couple of venues over the coming week. First off on Wednesday the 19th I will be giving a reading at the inaugural Speakeasy run by the Trinity Literary Society. It’ll be a lovely informal event where all are invited to read their own work, or simply a piece they admire (more info here) It takes place at 7pm in Chaplins on Hawkins Street.

Then, on Friday the 21st, I will be performing as part of the 2012 Culture Night at the Irish Writer’s Centre. From 5pm onwards the doors of the Centre will be thrown open to showcase the wealth of literary and storytelling talent found locally. My little bit of the night begins at 6:45 pm but there is a full schedule of acts that you would be foolish to miss.

I hope to see you at either, or both!

Well, fan dabby dozy! After a quiet summer I’ve had another short story published, this time by the good folk over at The Whistling Fire. The story is called Prayers Are Knives (and who am I but the quarter child?)
It’s a fun little piece about a boy who lives in a tree. Do you need to know more? Certainly ticks all of my boxes! Go and have a read and a heartwarming chuckle!

High Five,