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Monthly Archives: January 2013

time catI know, I know, this entry is a few days late. And I didn’t take a photograph this week either. So here’s one of the cat travelling through time to tide you over.

Another brief entry this, still in a festive, resty, mood. It’s been a good week. 2012 has shambled off and while it has been a good year on the whole, long and busy, I’ve felt the need for a new start and a new direction. The last couple of months of 2012 were a bit aimless and I was a bit down. (See previous entries for hilarious gloom) but I feel refreshed now and ready for new challenges and positive things like that.

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daniel o connel background strip edit 7

Friends, as most of you know, my little play ‘High Five Danny O’C!’ will be performed as part of the Collaborations Festival here in Dublin in Feb-Mar. Your support is needed to help us fund this endeavour! The link is here and there are various rewards on offer for those who support, but I ask you, what better reward could there be than my eternal gratitude? Free tickets? Yes, that’s better! Any support you can give will be most appreciated!


Well done, gang!

daniel o connel background strip edit 8