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Daily Archives: March 6th, 2013

il_fullxfull.361851585_7u1nAhhhh. What a lovely feeling. My first story acceptance in what seems like a very long time. Eight months, maybe? Longer? I’m too scared to go look because of all the Self Esteems. Anyway, this is cause for some Mild Celebration– my short story TheĀ  Garden Where We Go To Lump has been accepted for publication. It’s a story that, the more I’ve moved away from it, the more I’ve grown to really like. (No, don’t ask me what it is about, I only wrote the damn thing) I remember the writing of it was tough as anything, I know I contemplated chucking it out a number of times. Well, past Graham, who’s the winner now? Present Graham, that’s who. Unfortunately future Graham, that smug and increasingly bald fecker, is the only one who knows when it will come out.

Anyway, look for an annoucement in the near future when it goes up.

I am delighted.