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Bon Vivant. Raconteur. Outrageous Coward.         Photo by Aideen McFadden

I used to have a little bit here describing my work in terms of other writers.

But I realised that wasn’t appropriate. Read my work and you’ll see.

Some biographical details:

Graham Tugwell is a writer and performer. The recipient of the College Green Literary Prize 2010, he enjoys writing work of abiding strangeness, aimed at provoking that apocalyptic oscillation where the brain cannot decide what is appropriate— laughter or grief. He has lived his whole life in the village where all his stories take place. He loves it with a very special type of hate.

To find out where he has been published, and where he will be published, please visit the Publications page.

For an insight into his writing process, please visit here.

For an interview with the author, conducted by The Quotable, please visit here. Another interview, by Spoke, can by found here.

He can be reached at jontymig2016 (at) yahoo (dot) ie. Follow @jontymig on Twitter to receive regular updates .


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  1. […] itself ‘contemporary short fiction.’ It’s just stories, plain and simple. Tugwell refers to himself as a: “Bon Vivant. Raconteur. Outrageous Coward.” It’s posturing, in a sense, but […]

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