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crane_fly_halteresAnother slice of hot hooray today! My short story ‘Some of Them Make The Scare-Away Shape’ has been accepted for publication by the tumultuous people over at Phantom Drift.

It’s a rather charming story about a bunch of people and the big thing that they make and the resulting scrapes that this vague thing gets them into. *WOW* Who wouldn’t want to read that? Out soon!


Eleven brilliant Hoorays all round! Join me in half a frantic dance, for my short story ‘Boys They Bring Her Down to Break’ has appeared in the latest issue of L’Allure Des Mots.

Go have yourself a read, good Lord, it’s heavy on the hot side!

Warning though, NSFW.


onionYoop and Yazoo and big jammy kisses, my short story ‘In Passing Brass Onion’ has been accepted for publication by the outstanding people over at Cactus Heart.

It’s a silly story, partly inspired by the wall in our kitchen. ‘What?’ you may say, ‘How could you write a story about that?’ and I’ll just wink and keep on dancin’.

It’ll be out soon. Keep those eyes peeled! Like an onion!


Kids-Jigsaw-PuzzleWell hurrah and halloo and fol-de-rol,  I am cock-a-hoop to announce my short story ‘The Look-Away Club’ has been accepted for publication by the beautiful people over at Corvus.

It’s a silly, whimsical tale about one magical summer, filled with friendship, larks, and one *very* special jigsaw!

It’ll be out next month!





Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Everything is Always Wrong,  a collectionette of some of my most popular short stories, which is now available for purchase. It’s a particularly handsome edition, made of Paper(tm)and full of Words(tm) and will make a fine addition to anyone’s Shelf or Pile-O-Stuff. It’s being produced in a very limited number, with no assurances there’ll be a second edition! Each seventy-page volume is priced at €8.50.


There will be a launch party soon to celebrate, at which copies will be available, and I will be appearing at other venues in the coming months and have copies there too. If you can’t come to any of these shows the book is also available through my online STORE. For a small extra fee for postage and packaging I will send you a copy or two of my lovely book, all orders shipped within two or three working days! If you want an order for more than two contact me at and I’ll even arrange a lovely little discount! Hurrah, everyone! Hurrah!

charlie-mccarthy-looking-at-babyHurrah, hurrah, hurrah! Another lovely acceptance! My hilarious short story Francie and Dennis are In Tonight has been accepted for publication by the lovely folks at Deimos eZine.

It’s another of those odd stories, where my concern was filling in the spaces of the world between other stories, and it’s good to know that it works on its own terms.

Expect it to be appear in June, at some stage.

High five, friends.


Electricity_pylonWell glory be, more good news! My short story Boys They Bring Her Down To Break has been accepted for publication by the lovely folks over at L’Allure Des Mots.

I’m particularly happy that this story was chosen as it has a weird resonance with me, redolent of a particular time and place and mindset, that I wasn’t quite sure it would appeal to others.

(It’s basically smut, but well-written smut so it counts.)

Anyway, it will be out in May. I’ll post about it then as well. Until then, keep your chains oiled.


il_fullxfull.361851585_7u1nAhhhh. What a lovely feeling. My first story acceptance in what seems like a very long time. Eight months, maybe? Longer? I’m too scared to go look because of all the Self Esteems. Anyway, this is cause for some Mild Celebration– my short story The  Garden Where We Go To Lump has been accepted for publication. It’s a story that, the more I’ve moved away from it, the more I’ve grown to really like. (No, don’t ask me what it is about, I only wrote the damn thing) I remember the writing of it was tough as anything, I know I contemplated chucking it out a number of times. Well, past Graham, who’s the winner now? Present Graham, that’s who. Unfortunately future Graham, that smug and increasingly bald fecker, is the only one who knows when it will come out.

Anyway, look for an annoucement in the near future when it goes up.

I am delighted.