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20121208_214524In which there is little to report.

My birthday has come and gone and taken my youth away with it. Aieeee! I’m not a big fan of birthdays (see photo for evidence) I always find the lead up and the day itself to be excrutiating but once it’s over I am quickly back to my crazy extrovert wiseass ways (see photo for evidence) My lovely family brought me to Eatzen in Ashbourne (snazzy!) and put up with my moods for a good few hours. Well done to them.

Also, this week saw my triumphant return to the Dunshaughlin table quiz scene. Actually, ‘trumphant’ might be pushing it. Quiz-Team Aguilera, as we called ourselves, managed a mildly-respectable score of 47 out of a possible 80 and finished somewhere in the middle. Hey, there were only three of us on the team.

But in the raffle afterwards we cleaned up, yo– one bottle of wine, a voucher for dry cleaning and money off a beauty treatment in the village. Who were the real winners? I think we all know the answer to that.

It was us. I don’t think even the Glorious Dead of 1916 would argue with me.

Oh wait, this is supposed to be a blog about writing. Shit. I better put some stuff in about writing. So, Graham how have you been getting on this week?

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