Since I’ve Been Gone…

Cat yawningIt is with a heavy dose of hot shame that I admit to neglecting this old website of mine over the past couple of months. Work on my play Love, Wrong Love (but love nonetheless) dominated matters for a time but with the ending of its succesful and borderline-glorious run last week, I can turn my attention to how my lovely stories have been doing out in the Wild World. So what’s been published? What’s been accepted? Is there any other GREAT NEWS? Read on…


In Passing Brass Onion has appeared in Issue 4 of Cactus Heart.

The Look-Away Club has appeared in Issue 7 of Corvus.

The Big Soft Gentle Man has appeared in Issue 5 of Dark Edifice

Francie and Dennis Are In Tonight has appeared in Issue 2.2 of Deimos eZine

The Garden Where We Go To Lump has appeared in Issue 11 of Gone Lawn

The Night You Showed Me Ambaglass has appeared in Issue 5 of Rose Red Review

Soft Atheist Caramel has appeared in The Write Room.


My stories have been accepted by the following places:

The Masks of Mister Brougham, or, The Curlew and The Pig will be published by Spittoon

We Touch The Sun on Scarlet Stool will appear, alongside its Polish translation, in Translation Ireland.


I am thrilled and delighted to announce that my story We Left Him With The Dragging Man has been nominated for the 2013 storySouth Million Writers Award by my good and constant friends over at Jersey Devil Press.

And work on the novel FOLD continues apace. At a massively bloated 128,000 words it is still only at 91% completion. Only three chapters remain to be written. The first draft should be done in about four to five weeks’ time. Then the culling can begin.

Right. I think that’s everything. We’re now up to date. ONWARDS!


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