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Hurrah! It is with great pleasure I announce the impending publication of my short story “Ommedey Crommedey is Your Da!”. It will be appearing in the next issue of Interrobang!? Magazine.

It is a silly story of 4am Christmas excitement and binbags and lipstick. Check it out!


Ladies and Gentlemen, words can barely express my delight at getting the opportunity to share with you my short story I Am Your Special Dog. It’s a splendid and charming story of a boy and his magical friend and the silly adventures they have in the Land of Outrageous Hats. It appears in the Winter 2012 issue of Rose & Thorn Journal. Go have a read, kids!

Well huzzah and hurrah all round! My short story She Kicks Amongst the Cabbages has appeared in the Fall 2011 issue of Bare Root Review.

It is a ludicrous story of dancing and music and vegetables and little expanding birdies. Go have a look, it’s worth a chuckle!


Hurrah! What better way to start the week than with a lovely story by yours truly? (That’s rhetorical by the way, I know there are literally billions of better things.) Anyway, my short story Love, Wrong Love, (but love nonetheless) has appeared in Issue 5 of Ear Hustler Magazine. It’s a fun story, with many japes *and* larks. It originally went by the name of ‘Home Invasion’ but I changed it because, honestly, who doesn’t like a bit of wrong love every now and then?


Hurrah! By all accounts one of my better stories, We Left Him With The Dragging Man has appeared in Issue 26 of Jersey Devil Press.

Inspired by such films as Stand By Me and Super 8, and starring some sassy in-your-face kids, it’s the bees knees, sugar! Why don’t you toddle on over and have yo’self a read?


Hello my friends, and happy New Year!

Two bits of news to welcome in 2012! First of all my short story A Haunting has appeared in the latest issue of SNReview. It is a spooky tale of love and revenge on the high seas. (Revenge, high seas, not included)

Secondly, and I am legitimately delighted about this, my short story Romancing the Crab has been snapped up by the delightfully frisky folks over at Red Lightbulbs, and it will appear in their seventh issue. It is a ludicrous piece of fiction with “worrying symbolism” that fans of John Carey can really get behind. Look for it soon.


With the wet, blunt end of 2011 racing towards us as I type, it seems only fitting to look back on the past year and get a bit of persepctive on where I stand on the submissions front. In case you are wondering, since I thought November and December would be relatively quiet months I decided to forego November’s update (due on about December 3rd) and look at both months together at the end of the year. Also, laziness.

I had two goals to reach by Christmas 2011; to reach 100 stories written and 50 stories accepted for publication. I am happy to say I reached both targets, finishing my 101st story by Christmas morning and having my 54th story accepted for publication two weeks before Christmas. I am delighted, but that’s really just the first and easiest step, there is still plenty of work to do!

Scary, intimidating work.

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Yowza! It’s another festively yule-tidinous story, rank with the cheer of this happy season! My short story Queer Hams Rising has sprouted over at Corium Magazine’s Winter 2011 issue. It’s the perfect tale to read aloud to loved ones at the dinner table, turning many a frown upside wrong!


Hurrah! Just in time for Christmas, the delightful folks over at Untoward Magazine have published my short story Eleven Cats and Me Make Pearls. It’s a rather festive story of family, steam and poison. Gather together under the light of the Toss-Toss tree and have a read!


Hurrah! Gather round, my chums, for the lovely people at The Adroit Journal have published my short story The Seventeen Doors in their Winter 2011/12 issue. Hop on in! It’s great!