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daniel o connel background strip edit 7

Friends, as most of you know, my little play ‘High Five Danny O’C!’ will be performed as part of the Collaborations Festival here in Dublin in Feb-Mar. Your support is needed to help us fund this endeavour! The link is here and there are various rewards on offer for those who support, but I ask you, what better reward could there be than my eternal gratitude? Free tickets? Yes, that’s better! Any support you can give will be most appreciated!


Well done, gang!

daniel o connel background strip edit 8

Hurrah! I am delighted to announce that my short story “Ommedey Crommedey Is Your Da!”, previously published by the lovely folks over at Interrobang Magazine, has been chosen for inclusion in the first volume of Best Indie Lit New England (BILiNE), showcasing some of the best fiction and poetry published by independent journals from 2010 to 2012. Should be out for the end of the year!

At a couple of venues over the coming week. First off on Wednesday the 19th I will be giving a reading at the inaugural Speakeasy run by the Trinity Literary Society. It’ll be a lovely informal event where all are invited to read their own work, or simply a piece they admire (more info here) It takes place at 7pm in Chaplins on Hawkins Street.

Then, on Friday the 21st, I will be performing as part of the 2012 Culture Night at the Irish Writer’s Centre. From 5pm onwards the doors of the Centre will be thrown open to showcase the wealth of literary and storytelling talent found locally. My little bit of the night begins at 6:45 pm but there is a full schedule of acts that you would be foolish to miss.

I hope to see you at either, or both!

Well, fan dabby dozy! After a quiet summer I’ve had another short story published, this time by the good folk over at The Whistling Fire. The story is called Prayers Are Knives (and who am I but the quarter child?)
It’s a fun little piece about a boy who lives in a tree. Do you need to know more? Certainly ticks all of my boxes! Go and have a read and a heartwarming chuckle!

High Five,

Whoops! Christmas! I forgot to post about this. My short story “Ommedey Crommedey is Your Da!” appeared in issue six of the exquisitely produced Interrobang Magazine, which arrived, like a young boy, in the post yesterday.

Go visit the site and nab your copy! Yessssss! G

Crumbs! Gee! Well isn’t this a fine to-do? My short story Dance Around the Reservoir and Down has been published in the April Issue of Barely South Review. Go have a read– you’ll ‘OWL’ with laughter!



Hello! I am unbelievably happy to announce the publication of my short story Romancing the Crab in the latest issue of Red Lightbulbs. It’s probably my favourite short story of the past four months so please, if you have the inclination, go get yourself some Crab.


Yo, file this under ‘H’ for Hell Yeah! And cross reference with ‘B’ for Boo-yah! ‘Cos my short story One Tadpole Silver has been accepted for publication by the good folk over at Thoughtsmith. Based on Real Life Events, it’ll be up to read in about a week’s time.

In what surely qualifies as Tremendous News my short story In the Woods of Nodding Boys has been accepted for  publication by the beautiful people at Anobium.

My story will be appearing in Vol. 3, meaning my work has appeared in all three volumes! Hurrah!

As well as their blog, linked to above, Anobium  can be found on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Trust me when I say they are worth a follow. Show your support!


Hurrah! Well this is tremendous news! My short story Clot has appeared in the latest issue of The Toucan.

It is a charming story about a little red snowman. (Hence the picture) Go on over and have yourselves a lovely read!