Lord in Heaven, What is This?

Hello there!

And you may be screaming– Lord in Heaven, What is This?! Please, don’t hurt me– just let me introduce myself. My name is Graham Tugwell and I am a Writer. Look at the confidence in that capital W! Almost like I know what I’m doing!

Yes, I am a Writer, of bizarre and unsettling fictions– I particularly enjoy forcing the reading mind into that strange hinterland where it oscillates furiously between horror and amusement– forever unsure which is more appropriate. Something that amuses me no end are stories that are stupid in synopsis but become horrific and harrowing in execution.

I want to create lasting moments of apocalyptic clarity that return to the reader days or weeks after finishing the story.

In short, I want people to have my mind babies.

For the last year I have been feverishly working on a series of short stories, all linked together, all sharing the same setting and thematic sensibilities, though style and execution is always particular to the story being told. As of this date, 26/05/11,  I have written 63– just over one a week; though taking into account other commitments I generally have been able to knock off a bulb of prose in about three days.

And there are three rules to my stories:


Cheery stuff, no?


What is the point of this site, then?

Well, here I will keep track of the stories I have written and my various attempts to get them published.  I will post timely notifications of when and in what fine publications they will be available so you can lap them up.  I will also post reports from any of the  live readings or performances I have been known to attend.

Welcome. Do have a root around. Who knows what you might grub up?

All the best,


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