Upcoming Publications

Hello there!

In the last two months I have had some success in placing short stories in various publications. There are no set dates for some but here are the names of the stories and the journals that have snapped them up (I’ll be dedicating posts to each as we get closer to publication)–

Online journal Anemone Sidecar will be publishing Nativity of Flies, probably in early Autumn.

The Battered Suitcase will be having Dinner with the Pigeon Prince, probably for their September issue.

Jersey Devil Press have been inflicted with Mammy’d Give Me Minds to Eat.

Kerouac’s Dog Magazine (my first sale!) have burdened themselves with both Sweet Apple Please and I Want One. Both should appear in issue four. It is available for purchase now! Go buy it!

Plain Spoke will be donning Hot Spectral Helmets For Me, For You.

Pyrta will be spectators to The Racing. (Who knew people wanted to read a story about looking at willies through a hedge?!!)

Sein Und Werden have gotten their hands on The Suckling Spike and Melt Calves See Nothing. The former will appear in the print version, the latter online. Lovely!

The Quotable will put their feet up and sigh and remember and howl: And Oh! The Fun They Had That Friday Night!

THIS Literary Magazine will throw their hands up and lament My Son is Now My Motorbike!

And that is how it stands at the moment. Eleven stories placed. Fifty+ to go.



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