Submission Stats (June 2011)


Now having reached my goal of 20 stories accepted for publication (Go have a look at them here) I thought I might pause and have a look at where my submission stats stand at the moment. After a submission binge in the last three weeks of April, I spent the first two weeks of June scouring Duotrope’s Digest for listings that I had missed in the first go around. I began with the 50 resubmits from last time– the journals that I had to withdraw from as stories were accepted elsewhere, then alternating between new and old stories worked my way – slowly – through the alphabetical listings.

So, as of 18 June, my submission stats are as follows:

189 active submissions (still under consideration. If I haven’t heard anything in six months time I will send peevish emails– October for the first batch and December for the second.)

77 NO! Booooo!

18 YES! (20 stories in total)

48 Resubmits. Strangely, that’s the same amount as last time. It’s all a fix.

And there are 40 stories currently doing the rounds. I still have not sold any of the blasphemous ones, even though one of them in particular is very well written. And I’m amazed I haven’t yet sold Soundless Walk the Fallow Men, which people may remember from the live readings, it always went down well. Could it be all the cursing? Prudes!

So what now? Well, I shall wait until the end of the month and then begin my search for an agent. Fingers crossed! And in the meantime I will get back to writing– I’ve let my schedule slip a bit in the last few weeks.

Okay, take care and talk soon.


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