Now Available for Preorder!

Hello my fine, fine people.

Pre-ordering has now opened for volume 1 of Anobium Literary Magazine, featuring my short story The Coursing of the Quisp, as well as a literally horse-choking deluge of other fine poetry and prose!  So all of you, and all your friends, families and enemies can pre-order an issue for $9.99 with free shipping (and other random goodies) until July 31st. (And what’s that in euros? 7 cents? 15? A bargain, anyway.) Hurry though, on August 1st, the price will go up to $10 and a $2 shipping charge will be instated (and the goodie-train will have run dry). Please visit here to place your order: This book will be so good, I promise, it will be like kissing a saint. Can you imagine how good, how dangerous that would feel? Who’d want to miss out?

Grahamy T.

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