BIG Announcement

I will be appearing at Verbal Experiments with Sarah Maria Griff and Graham Tugwell on Tuesday the 12th of July in the Cat and Cage Drumcondra, as part of the Wurm im Apfel series of poetry nights. This is a Big Thing for me– look! My name is in the title! — we all know Sarah Maria Griff will be fantastic, that’s a given, but I am going to work extra hard to make sure this a night of Softly Awful Body Wrong that will squat long in the memory. So what can you expect? I promise to be funny and tragic and ludicrous and horrific– in the same sentence, if I can. There will be stories of love and betrayal and death and shame and cruelty and regret and chemicals and Wrong Prayer and bursting, transcendent joy and I promise, I promise, at least two stories about Sexy Hats.

The world will be a wider, deeper place when you leave and when you are ninety-nine and lying on your death bed, you will hold your youngest granddaughter’s hand and whisper “I was there. I got to see it. I was there!” And there will be such wonder on the young girl’s face that e’en death itself will bear no sting.

So please, do come along, admission is free and doors open at 8.

I will keep reminding people. This is going to be stellar.

See you there.


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