Submission Stats (September 2011)

Crumbs, crumbs, crumbs. The 21st of the month has come and gone and my Submission Stats for the month of September are late! Cheee! But here there are now, better late than never! Another quiet month for actually writing stories, and a bit of a creative slump too. May need to take a week or two off. But once again, all sorts have been happening on the acceptances front and at least where they are concerned it’s been a busy month.

Let’s have a look how things stand on the 25th September, shall we?

172 active submissions. They break down as follows: 37 from April, 40 from June, 12 from July, 83 from September. As we move into November and the six-month mark approaches for those April submissions I will track them down one by one. Some of them may even have gone out of business.

168 NO! Cheeky beggars.

38 YES! (40 in total, 23 of which have now appeared online, in print or in audio) Once again, please check out my Publications for details. That’s a pretty great month. Well on my way to 50 for Christmas. I have perhaps seven or eight stories that I have confidence in, and fingers crossed I can write the remainder in the coming weeks. (This total takes into account that one story that went from the Yes pile to the No during the month; the first time I had to withdraw an accepted story.)

I have 29 resubmits to take care of next time I do submissions.

There are 29 stories doing the rounds currently. Two stories I was considering retiring came good this month. So well done Learn to Lick The Goitre Laughing and a big round of applause for The Patron Saint of Cloven Meat. I never doubted it for a second.

Finally, there are 28 places I am keeping an eye on for when they reopen, mostly in the new year.

So that’s the story, for now at least…

Take care!

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