Submission Stats (October 2011)

Once again I’m running late with this, but at least this month I have the beautiful twin excuses of Hallowe’en gigs and debilitating illness to excuse myself! After a busy September, October was very quiet, both on the creative front and the acceptances front. Not quiet enough to derail my fifty for Christmas goal but certainly making it much harder to achieve.

So, without further ado, let’s see how things stand on the 3rd of November.

146 active submissions. They break down as follows: 33 from April, 29 from June, 8 from July, 52 from September and 24 from October. In addition to these I have approximately 100 submissions to be made over the next weekend. I imagine these will be the last submissions that could affect my Christmas goal so I better make them good ones!

203 NO! (yikes, double century!)

42 YES! (44 stories in total, 28 of which have now appeared in print or online. Once again, see my Publications page for details.) Actually, even though I’ve been grousing about not having stories accepted, that still averages out at one a week, well within the rate needed for Christmas. Great!

There are currently 27 stories doing the rounds, with 3 new stories going out on the next batch of submissions.

Finally, I have 9 resubmits to take care of and 28 places to watch for reopening.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that!


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