I Have Been Published!

crooked-teeth Well colour me ecstatic! My short story An Alabaster Fang, a personal favourite of mine, has been published as Story of the Week by the good folk over at The Missing Slate, a particularly fine venue of multicultural and cosmopolitan writing. And there’s me, jammed in amongst them with my big mucky Meath head! Wow! *GRIN*

Alabaster Fang is a heart-warming story of love and triumph and innapropriate mouth-wear. Go have a read of it if you have the inclination. I’m very fond of it, and hope you will be too.


One response to “I Have Been Published!”

  1. Hi Graham,

    This is Maryam from The Missing Slate — thank you for the mention 🙂 Here’s a link to your story: http://themissingslate.com/2013/03/29/an-alabaster-fang/

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